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As summer winds down, many of us reflect on the season’s joyous moments—beach days, pool parties, and sun-soaked afternoons. However, our hair often tells a different story. Exposure to the sun's UV rays, saltwater from the ocean, and chlorine from the pool can leave our hair dry, brittle, and damaged. At Grow Hair Lounge, we understand the importance of restoring your hair's health after a summer of fun. Here are some comprehensive tips to help you rejuvenate your locks and prepare them for the cooler months ahead.

1. Deep Conditioning Treatments

One of the most effective ways to repair summer-damaged hair is through deep conditioning treatments. These treatments penetrate the hair shaft, providing intense hydration and nourishment that regular conditioners may not offer. Look for products that contain natural oils like argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, which are known for their moisturizing properties.

At Grow Hair Lounge, we recommend scheduling a professional deep conditioning treatment. Our stylists use high-quality products that are...


Having very fine or thin hair can have a big impact on your confidence and your overall image. We love being able to provide guests with the fullness they have always wanted while protecting their more fragile hair. Hair extensions don’t always mean “long hair.” Sometimes we use one method, and sometimes we use a combination of methods, depending what is best for each client.

Guests with fine or thinning hair are always worried about the damage extensions can cause. When it comes to extensions, it’s all about choosing a specialist who can guide you in choosing the right method for you, and provide you with proper installation techniques and a maintenance plan. Just because someone CAN do extensions, or they have been certified, does not mean they are knowledgeable in damage free solutions or tricky installations. Hair extensions are a specialty and you should read reviews and have a consultation before choosing your extension artist. When properly applied and maintained, hair extensions are virtually damage free.

We use all of the methods we specialize in on guests...


Hair extensions used to be something people wore in public but discussed in private. Social media has created a platform for industry professionals to take off the veil and share techniques with each other, while evoking interest in beauty secrets people may have never before considered! With a platform virtually anyone can use and post on, there is also plenty of space for misinformation.

“Hand Tied Hair Extensions” took the beauty industry by storm, thanks to the visibility of many prominent influencers, and cross promotion between them and their clients. While hand tied extensions do exist, it’s actually the name for the type of weft you use for your extensions, not the method! The method of application you see all over your Instagram feed is actually called “Beaded Row”, or “Natural Beaded Row” (NBR). For more information about Beaded Row extensions, and how wefts are applied, see this post!

Hand Tied wefts are individually tied on (literally) to a hand sewn weft. Creating these wefts is time consuming, which makes them more expensive than machine tied wefts....