Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Having very fine or thin hair can have a big impact on your confidence and your overall image. We love being able to provide guests with the fullness they have always wanted while protecting their more fragile hair. Hair extensions don’t always mean “long hair.” Sometimes we use one method, and sometimes we use a combination of methods, depending what is best for each client.

Guests with fine or thinning hair are always worried about the damage extensions can cause. When it comes to extensions, it’s all about choosing a specialist who can guide you in choosing the right method for you, and provide you with proper installation techniques and a maintenance plan. Just because someone CAN do extensions, or they have been certified, does not mean they are knowledgeable in damage free solutions or tricky installations. Hair extensions are a specialty and you should read reviews and have a consultation before choosing your extension artist. When properly applied and maintained, hair extensions are virtually damage free.

We use all of the methods we specialize in on guests with fine hair. With tape-in extensions we often use petite size bonds or single sided tape, both of which lessen the weight of the extensions on fine hair. With our beaded row method, we have a fine hair application method that uses string and beads to create a strong base for the weft and prevent slippage. We always choose hand tied wefts for these guests, which have a more delicate bond and are very lightweight and comfortable. I love using K-tip extensions near the hairline for these guests, as they are seamless and undetectable around the hairline. I customize and cut the bonds of K-tip extensions to use the least amount of keratin needed to provide seamless and weightless wear. Usually with more difficult installations we end up choosing more than one method to give the best and most natural results. Typically maintenance for thin or fine hair guests lands around 4-6 weeks.

Come see us for a complimentary consultation and find out which method is best for you!