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Your extension experience at begins with a complimentary consultation, either in-salon or virtual. Our certified extension experts will educate you on our company’s chosen method of installation, pricing, and necessary maintenance required for the chosen service. All of our extension services are customized to each of our guest's unique needs and are priced per consultation.

Complete our Online Extension Consultation Form below to begin your journey! We will be in touch within 24 hours.


All installation pricing below is based on artist's level and reflects a range "starting at" prices. The cost of extensions are additional. Click below for extension hair pricing and lengths available.


starting at $220 to $400


starting at $300 to $525


starting at $380 to $650


starting at $80 to $125


starting at $185 to $300


starting at $265 to $425


starting at $345 to $550


starting at $185 to $300


We are passionate about the art of hair extensions. Our team is always seeking education in the latest techniques and application methods to provide comfortable, seamless and damage free human hair extensions to enhance any look and style. Our stylists are highly trained and certified in tape-in, beaded row, i-tip and ktip extensions.


Beaded Row Extensions

Beaded row extensions have become one of the most popular application methods in hair extension trends. This method offers fast, damage free, and nearly invisible application. Available with machine or hand-tied wefts. We custom order hair for each client based on texture, goals and density. Application: 1-3 Hours Maintenance: 4-8 weeks


Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions provide limitless possibilities in enhancing your look. From correcting and filling in damaged areas to adding volume or creating complete transformations, tape-in extensions offer it all. These extensions are extremely comfortable and lay flat to your head, offering multiple sizes and tape options to cater to clients with even the finest hair. Application: 1-2 Hours. Maintenance: 4-8 weeks


Keratin Bond and I-tip Extensions

We love to use keratin bond and i-tip extensions in combination with our other applications. Perfect for the crown area or hairline where larger bonds may be more visible. Full head applications are also available upon consultation.


Mesh and Topper Extensions

Not ready for the commitment of other application methods? Clip-ins are the perfect option for special occasion hair or a date night out. We offer custom color matching and ordering for the perfect look. Visit us for in-salon styling and applications, as well as custom shaping so your clip-in extensions blend seamlessly with your hair and style.


Do extensions damage my hair?
No, not if properly installed and cared for. We specifically chose the methods we offer because they are virtually damage free. Hair health is our #1 priority. Schedule a complimentary consultation to let us help you decide why method is best for your hair.
Can I wear my hair up with extensions?
For many people, the answer is yes! We offer many methods that will allow you to wear buns, braids, and other up styles. Everyone can wear their extensions in a low braid or bun. Half up styles, pig-tails, braids, and high messy buns ultimately come down to to your hair density around your hairline. We always do everything possible to give you as much freedom as your hair allows when it comes to variety in styling.
Can I go swimming with my extensions?
We don’t recommend investing in your hair color and diving in the ocean or pool, and we don’t recommend it for hair extensions either. Not only can it alter the color, it can cause matting or result in dissolving the bonds. Wear a braid and a hat, drink a mojito, and thank us later.
Are extensions expensive?
The art of hair extensions comes in many forms, and the cost depends on your desired look and outcome. The length, density, and end goal all come in to play when it comes to pricing. We offer methods from $200-$1500+. Your pricing and maintenance costs can be discussed during your complimentary consultation. Your hair is the only accessory you own that you wear every day. I probably don’t need to tell you this but… you deserve it.
How do I wash and style my extensions?
Just like normal! It’s real, human hair. Just take extra care to make sure you properly rinse your scalp when shampooing, and use heat protectant when styling to get the most longevity. Many people find they need to wash and style their hair less when they wear extensions, as they hold their style so well. We always say “it’s high maintenance to be low maintenance.”
Can I let my extensions air dry?
Yes! One of our favorite things about hair extensions is our ability to match your hair density and texture with the right application method. We’ve installed extensions on clients from fine, smooth hair to full natural curl, with a seamless blend every time. With the health of your hair always being our top priority, we love using extensions as a way to help our guests embrace their natural texture, resulting in less heat styling and ultimately healing and growing your own natural hair.
How often do I come back for maintenance?
That totally depends on your hair! The average maintenance cycle is between 4-12 weeks, depending on your method and how fast your hair grows. Usually, it lines up with your color service! Maintenance appointments for extension services add an average of 1.5 hours to your regular hair appointment,