We are committed to in depth consultations to provide a realistic timeline and price quote to achieve your goals. Extension consultations require a non-refundable deposit of $50, which can be applied to any service. Consultations are scheduled for 15 minutes. In person consultations are REQUIRED FOR NEW HAIR EXTENSION CLIENTS, and highly recommended for color corrections. Regular color and cut consultations will occur during every scheduled service. Hair repair and corrections take an average of 3+ appointments.


A valid credit card is required for booking. To best serve our guests and stylists, we require a 24 hr. notice for cancellations. Appointment confirmation is required to keep your reservation. Appointments not cancelled or confirmed by 10PM the night before are automatically cancelled and considered “NO-SHOW.” We charge 50% for all appointments cancelled within 24 hrs., for any reason, and 100% for no-shows.


Color formulation, lightening services, cutting, and extension installations are always performed solely by your hair artist. Please note we are a teaching salon and work hand-in-hand with our assistants throughout your appointment. Extension removal, shampooing, one process colors, toning, prepping hair, and blow drying may be performed by a licensed and TRAINED assistant. We are a team based salon focused on growth and education, and we work hand in hand with assistants on every single client, every single day.


Hair is an art form subjective to artistic and personal preference. Our goal is to have happy and working stylist and client relationships. If necessary, simple color adjustments can be made if notified within 7 days, at the stylist’s discretion. Significant changes may require additional services at cost. Reaching your final goals may take more than one lightening, repair, or color service. We do not offer refunds on color services, no exceptions.


Please make sure you are happy and comfortable with the placement of your extensions before you leave so that we can make any adjustments necessary. If extensions are properly cared for and issues outside the norm arise (bead slips/corner comes up) we will adjust it for you at no cost. Issues with hair extensions related to improper care will result in additional charges. Detangling matted hair for removal is an additional cost of $50 per 15 minutes. All extension clients must sign our extension agreement prior to service. We do not offer refunds on extension services, no exceptions.


If you purchase hair and do not use all of it for your custom installation, we can store amounts significant enough to contribute to another extension installation (30g+.) All extension hair is automatically discarded after 6 months. We do not offer refunds on purchased or discarded hair, no exceptions.


All pricing reflects base pricing and additional services, treatments, charges and appointments may be required to achieve your desired result. For more in depth detail about pricing please schedule a consultation.